How to track the EvanCoin token in your wallet

This process makes it easier to track how much EvanCoin you have. The instructions are for Metamask.

  1. Click the “Tokens” tab. This is where you’ll see your tokens. If you already see the EVAN token, you can stop! Otherwise, follow the instructions below.
  2. Click the “Add Token” button. This should pop up a dialogue box for adding a new token.
  3. Enter the values for EvanCoin. In the dialogue box that follows, you should add these values:
    Token Contract Address: 0xb0340c6950199d3c527e104a655bbbe722a9fd3f
    Token Symbol: EVAN
    Decimals of Precision: 2
  4. Click the Add button. That’s it! This should show you a balance of 0 EVAN after you add it, or more if you already have some EvanCoin.