How to spend EvanCoin

  1. Get some EvanCoin. You can buy some EvanCoin, or you might be able to get some for free.
  2. Send me 0.01 EvanCoin. (optional) This is definitely optional, but it tells me that you know how to transfer EvanCoin to me, and it will cover the 30 seconds it takes for me to read your email. My Ethereum address isĀ 0x001be02a4742767000cc54a820686a3087e4d472. You should be able to transfer tokens in your wallet, unless your wallet is MetaMask, in which case follow the instructions for Managing tokens with MetaMask.
  3. Send me an email telling me what you want to use my time for. I’m not going to do things that are illegal, humiliating, or abusive to others. If you want to check for some suggested usage, and rough costs, please look at how to use Evan’s time.
  4. Send me the EvanCoin. Send me the total amount, where 1 coin = 1 hour (or fraction thereof), and I will do the thing you ask. If you aren’t satisfied, or if I can’t do it, I’ll refund part or all of your EvanCoin back. You can then try to use it for something else, or sell it.