How to sell EvanCoin

  1. Get some EvanCoin.  You can buy it or get it for free or maybe get it some other way.
  2. Go to the EtherDelta EVAN/ETH exchange. has an exchange for EvanCoin and Ether. You’ll want to go there with a client that is enabled to browse Dapps; I recomment MetaMask.
  3. Deposit some EvanCoin. Look for the “BALANCE” section of the page. Click the Deposit tab. It should show your EvanCoin balance in your wallet. Deposit the amount you want to sell (at least) into EtherDelta.
  4. Make a sell offer. In the NEW ORDER section, click the SELL tab, and type how much EvanCoin you want to sell and at what rate. Then, click the Sell button. You’ll be asked to confirm the sell order.

That’s it! If your price is good, someone will find it and buy your EvanCoin.