How to get free EvanCoin

In some cases I’m offering my time for free to startups, open source projects, or other worthy causes. If you want some of my time, here are the steps to do it.

  1. Get an Ethereum wallet. Probably the easiest and best is MetaMask, so unless you have a good reason, just use that.
  2. Track the EvanCoin token in your wallet. (Optional) this helps you keep track of how much EvanCoin you have. See how to track EvanCoin token in your wallet for details.
  3. Note your account ID. It’s a huge long list of random-looking numbers and letters. You can get it from MetaMask by clicking on the triple dots next to the name of the account (like “Account 1”) and selecting “Copy Address to clipboard”.
  4. Send me a request. You can send a request by email to request -at- evancoin -dot- com . Include the number of hours you want, and the Ethereum account number to credit them to.

That’s it! I should get back to you in a day or two with the results. Once you have your EvanCoin, you can spend it or sell it.