How to buy EvanCoin

  1. Get an Ethereum wallet. EvanCoin is a digital token stored on the Ethereum blockchain. There are a number of wallets out there, but I really recommend MetaMask as your best and easiest setup experience.
  2. Get some Ether. You’ll need Ether to buy EvanCoin. You can buy Ether with US dollars at coinbase, or with Canadian dollars at Coinsquare. (Don’t want to spend any money for my time? Ask me for free EvanCoin. I might give you some.)
  3. Put the Ether in your MetaMask account. You have to have your Ether in an account that can navigate to a distributed app. Check your address in the MetaMask UI, then use the UI at coinbase or Coinsquare to send the Ether to the MetaMask account.
  4. Track the EvanCoin token in Metamask. This is optional but it makes things much clearer.
  5. Go to the EvanCoin/ETH exchange on EtherDelta. You might be able to find EvanCoin in other places, but I’m trading it on the EvanCoin/ETH exchange at EtherDelta. If you have MetaMask enabled, you should see the latest offers and trades for EvanCoin.
  6. Deposit Ether in EtherDelta. You have to deposit Ether in EtherDelta in order to execute a trade. Look for the section “BALANCE” on the lower right, and then use the Deposit function to deposit ether into EtherDelta.
  7. Accept a sell order. There should be an ORDER BOOK section on the bottom left. This should like a bunch of sell orders with a count and rate. You can click on one of the orders (probably the one with the lowest rate) and buy some or all of the EvanCoin in that sell order.
  8. Withdraw your EvanCoin. You should be able to now withdraw the EvanCoin that you’ve bought. Again, go to the BALANCES area, and use the Withdraw function to withdraw some EvanCoin.

Now what? You can spend your EvanCoin to get some of Evan’s time, or you can sell the EvanCoin to someone else.