Almost done with the deeply discounted hours

It’s been interesting seeing the level of activity on the Decentrex EvanCoin/ETH market this weekend. Several more trades have been made, some of which I cleared by hand others of which were cleared automatically. All the small lots of $15 EvanCoin have been scooped up, and now the bigger lot is decreasing. Soon, we’ll be moving into real prices!

I also took some time today to put EvanCoin into an EtherDelta EvanCoin/ETH market. ED seems like a fork of the Decentrex codebase, or maybe an ancestor, but since Vitalik Buterin apparently uses it I figured there was some cachet in having a coin for sale there. I put up 25 EvanCoin for the next discounted price above $15.

Oh, and I got a friendly poke from my friend Michael Lewkowitz, who bought an hour and is figuring out what he’s going to do with it. Cool.

I’ve also been reaching out to projects that I work on to offer EvanCoin to be managed by the project lead —, ActivityPub, and also the SocialWG at the W3C. My friend and colleague there, Sandro Hawke, agreed to take over the management of my remaining time — about 40 hours spread over the next 3 months or so.

I’ve got a few more people to reach out to. Hopefully they’ll be willing to put up with some hassle in exchange for my time.

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