Paying to have lunch with Evan

I’ve had quite a few questions from friends and strangers about some of the uses of Evancoin. Why would I make someone pay me a coin to have coffee or lunch together?

I guess this comes down to confusion about what I and other entrepreneurs do on a daily basis. In any one week, I meet with 3-5 people for coffee or lunch to talk about their start-up, investment fund or other technology project. I’ll have advice, give ideas, and offer to help with connections or other follow-up help.

Partly I do this because it helps build my network. People I help out this way often have ways to help me in the future.

Partly it’s for friends or friends-of-friends. They’re people I care about and who I want to succeed.

Partly it’s curiosity. I like finding out about new things.

And partly it’s altruism. Especially for Open Source projects or for first-time entrepreneurs, I want to see them make it, and avoid mistakes I’ve made.

I think of these sessions as donations of my time. And it’s not insignificant. Like I said, about 3-5 hours a week. For average projects, I’ll put in 5-10 hours of work overall to help move a company or project along.

So, I think it could be fun or interesting to formalize this process by literally giving 5-10 Evancoin to founders, funders and project leaders I meet. Most of the people I meet with are technologically sophisticated and interested in crypto-currencies.

It also gives me a chance to check myself. At my current consulting rates, these commitments are worth thousands of dollars. Am I really willing to invest or donate that amount of time into each project?

Putting a price tag, if only in hours, makes it more explicit for me. And those decisions get clearer. And, also, it provides a filter. People who don’t want to play along probably aren’t my kind of people.

Would I meet with investors, founders or Open Source leaders who had bought Evancoin on the market, instead of receiving a donation directly from me? Yes, definitely. In fact, I think it would give both sides more of a sense that we had to use the time wisely.

For me, social and business engagements sometime overlap. But they are distinct in a lot of ways. I’m not going to charge my kids to play catch or make my Mom send me 0.25 Evancoin for a phone call.

I hope this clarifies things. I think it’s caused a lot of unnecessary consternation.

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