I don’t need to do my own marketplace

After looking around, I realized there are already some distributed token marketplaces available. I had thought they’d be as complicated as trading national currencies for cryptocurrencies, which is a major pain. But, in fact, there are some relatively easy-to-use apps for trading crypto tokens.

The one I like the best is Decentrex.com, an open source marketplace. It’s got a terrible UI, but it lets you add arbitrary tokens to the marketplace, so it’s probably a good place to start.

So, new new new design is just a regular ERC20 token, which I’ll offer for sale on Decentrex.com and maybe other exchanges. I’m going to make it burnable, so on a regular basis I can burn some of my own balance so that the total supply stays about equal to the number of hours until October 1, 2063.

I feel close to where I want to be with this. So I’m going to push the token soon. Wish me luck!

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