My name is Evan Prodromou and I’ve decided to start managing my time on a blockchain. That means you can buy and sell my time in hourly chunks called Evancoin and use that time any way you’d like.

Why I’m doing this

I’m fascinated by crypto-currencies and the opportunity to do peer-to-peer commerce in new ways. I’m also interested in building time-based currencies that can fluctuate with market needs. Most of all, I like doing cool hacks.

What next

I’m working hard on an initial coin offering on October 1, 2017.  Watch this space for more information.

About me

Evan Prodromou is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and technologist from Montreal, QC. He has two decades of experience building Internet applications for a variety of platforms. He is the founder of Fuzzy.ai, StatusNet and Wikitravel and founding CTO of Breather. He is a mentor and advisor for startups.